What does Ogosport mean?

  • "Ogo"Sport stands for Oh-Go-Outside Sport. The co-founder, Rick Goodwin created the name while searching for a title to best represent the company he wanted to create: A company where children were not silenced with toys, but rather, encouraged in family play time through games that utilize brain power and physical play.

How should I store my products?

  • All products should be stored in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Can I wash the disks and OgoBILD pieces?

  • If you want to clean the OgoDisks, we recommend using a moist wash cloth. If you need to clean the trampoline part we advise just dusting it out, knocking it again the palm of your hand to loose any debris. In order to clean items from the BILD line, including attachment pieces and rubber balls, we suggest warm water and mild soap if necessary.

What are the differences between the Mini OgoDisk (SM), Mezo OgoDisk (SK), and Super OgoDisk (SD), and which age(s) is each best suited for?

  • The SM has a total diameter of 12”. It is best suited for older children (e.g. 12+ yo) and people with adept hand-eye coordination. The small diameter means that there is more of a challenge to hit the ball back and forth. The SK has a full diameter of 15”. It is perfect for all ages because it has a large target area which proves to be easier for younger children to play with efficiently. The increased target area makes it easier to hit the ball back and forth. The SD has a total diameter of 18”. It is perfect for pre-teens, because the disks are large it can be a little uncomfortable for smaller children with tiny hands to hold. The super is also good for senior adults as it is great for those with good hand-eye coordination who need a little more target area than provided by the SM, and SK.

What is the difference between the OgoDisk FORA and the Mini OgoDisk?

  • The difference is in the design! The Mini and the FORA are both 12” in diameter and function the same way, but the FORA features our limited edition camouflage design while the Mini has our standard OgoJoe logo.

Can you play with the disks in the pool or beach?

  • The disks are designed to float and withstand play in the water. They are perfect for play on the beach, and in the pool. While it is great for playing in the water, we recommend that you do not store your disks in water. The ball should not be played with in the water, as it performance will change.

What happens when I lose my ball?

  • Do not fear! We offer replacement balls through our OgoStore. And guess what? The disks are designed to play with all sorts of balls. We recommend trying the disks with balled up socks, tennis balls, rubber balls, water balloons, even a soccer ball. It can also be paired with our new micro copter darts for extra added fun.

Do you sell replacement mesh if the trampoline part of the disk pops out?

  • At this time we do not offer replacement netting, but don’t worry if your inner rim comes up, it is designed without glue, so it can pop in and out.

What are the different ways can I play with the Disks?

  • The disks can be used as Frisbees. In fact it’s the perfect learning tool if you are not familiar with using Frisbees because the soft outer foam ring is gentle and aids in the process of learning how to catch. The disks can be used for individual play, group play, or against an opponent.

Are the disks good for developmentally challenged kids?

  • Absolutely. The disks are perfect for people who are trying to increase their hand–eye coordination, speed, and even breathing. Consistent play with the disks will work on agility, speed, and coordination, not to mention overall heart health.

Is it ok for me to use the Disks as a throw toy/Frisbee for my dog?

  • All the material in the disks is inert. So it will not cause any immediate harm to your pet if the product is put in their mouth, but our products are not meant to be pet toys. We recommend for use with humans only, and hopefully not after prying the disks from the mouth of a dog…. or a really frisky cat-dog.

What age group is best for the OgoBILD Pod?

  • We recommend the OgoBILD line for children 6+. However, with the OgoBILD pod children as young as 3 can play with it because it is a toy that utilizes the imagination as opposed to skills. Adult supervision recommended.

I see the recommended age for the Nexus is 6+, but can my 5 year old play with it too?

  • We recommend the OgoBILD line to children 6 years and older because of the manual dexterity required to snap the small pieces together. However a 5 year old can enjoy playtime with the BILD line if supervised by an adult.

What different ways can I play with the BILD products?

  • The BILD line was designed for open ended imaginative play. Try building different animals, and structures, or go for something more open-ended and design different creatures. Create an individual or an army! Be sure to check out the BITS website for some fun stop-motion animation videos that feature the BITS characters that we created. Add a twist on your game play and throw in a timer: who can make the most inventions in a given amount of time? How fast can you build a dog? Also, the pieces in the BILD line are all interchangeable, so you can mix your Nexus pieces with your BITS, or Link set, you can even use the pieces to accessorize your POD creations. Game play is limitless!

Are the pieces from the BITS interchangeable amongst the different friends?

  • Yes. All the BITS are made from pieces from the OgoBILD Nexus, and all pieces are interchangeable along the BILD line.

Where can I find replacement parts for my BIT or BILD set?

  • First, check the OgoStore to see if we have what you are looking for. If you lose any pieces of your BILD or experience any difficulty with our products feel free to contact us at customercare@ogosport.com and we will work with you to get replacements on any of our products.

Are your products produced in America?

  • Our products are designed in Brooklyn, New York, but produced overseas. Our products are CPSIA compliant and exceed American and European safety standards.

When purchasing from the OgoStore, do you sell or ship items internationally?

  • Sorry, the OgoStore only sells and ships our products domestically at this time.

Where can I get help with the AnimateIt! software?