Our Story

OgoSport office mural

Once upon a time, friends and fellow designers from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY – Kevin Williams and Rick Goodwin – realized they had a common outlook on life: to create toys that encouraged people of all ages to get moving and have fun through active and creative play. In 2006, they banded together to start a toy business based on Rick’s motto “Oh Go Outside and Play,” and the company OgoSport was born.

After setting up shop in Brooklyn, we launched the OgoDisk, a hand-trampoline for balls originally named the SportsDisk. It has gone on to be our best-selling toy and has won numerous awards. Since then, our office location changed – we are now in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard - new faces have come on board and familiar ones have passed on. Pratt alumna and designer Jenie Fu joined OgoSport as a partner in 2008 but we lost Rick to cancer two years later. His philosophy on life is still vital to all of us and impacts our creative design process.

Our Mission

We are designers. But we don't just design products.

From award-winning classics like the OgoDisk and OgoBild kits to newer creations like the Bolli stretchy teether ball and OgoMinton indoor badminton set, we don't just design toys or sporting goods - we design something more...We design active, open-endeed play for all ages. We design endless hours of fun for your children and hours of fun with your children. With our toys we hope to encourage: